Forgotten Lands: First Colony

Forgotten Lands: First Colony

In Forgotten Lands The First Colony 1.0 you will need to build a new town
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Forgotten Lands The First Colony 1.0 is a game where you will need to build a new town.
Your home, Greensville Island, it´s running out of resources. The people have chosen you as their leader to take them to a new home.

You will have to find a place for your new home, establish buildings and train workers.

Forgotten Lands: The First Colony was developed by Blue Tea Games, and published by Big Fish Games. The provided link downloads only an installer that then downloads the rest of the game from Internet. It´s size is 47213 Kb.

The game begins with a tutorial that will teach you it´s basics.

You will be teach to manage "Units" (clicking on towns) and, between that Units, "Workers" that you will have to train in different tasks.

You will have to reach goals in every stage of the game. Reaching them will lead you to the next stage. You will need to build farms, recruit workers and so on.

Recruiting workers will cost you money. So, you will need to earn money to recruit more workers.

The workers will build the farms, allowing you to reach a goal.

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